5 Tips for a Relaxed School Day

Teaching is one of the most rewarding, exhausting, fulfilling, and FUN jobs in the whole world. Contrary to popular belief, teaching offers a ton of life balance. Learn how to relax during your crazy work days and find your joy at school.

1. Move on Your Prep

Instead of jumping right into your long to-do list, start off your prep period by getting up and moving around. Walk a lap around your building, do some lunges in your room, some jumping jacks, some standing yoga positions... whatever it takes, get up and move your body! This releases so much tension and keeps you healthy and happy.

2. Start Your Morning Off Right

The first thing we ask stressed teachers is, how does your day start? You can't start your day behind and overwhelmed and be productive and happy at work. We recommend getting out of bed at least 30 minutes (an hour is better) before you need to. Spend that time doing an excellent morning routine. We coach our educators exactly how to set your day up for ultimate success and joy.

3. Laugh With Your Students

It's so easy to hold your breath almost all day as a teacher. You're worried about grading, test scores, planning, and your never ending to-do list. Take a few minutes each class to just laugh with your students. Not only does this help your classroom management and your students have fun, but it helps YOU have fun. Tell a funny story making fun of yourself, tell a joke, laugh at yourself when you mess up, laugh at a student's story... just have some fun each and every class period.

4. Give Yourself 5 Minutes of Each Class

In the same way it's critical to start your day off on the right foot, you have to start each and every class off on the right foot! Give students a bell ringer at the beginning of each class, we coach our teachers on easy ways to do this that are fun for your students and help them get in the mindset for learning. In that five minutes, you will have time to take attendance, take a breath, have a sip of your coffee, and get transitioned over to your new class.

5. Leave It At School

This can be so much easier said than done, but as educators, we have to learn to leave our work at work if we want to live a balanced, happy, healthy life. That doesn't mean you can never check your email or grade a paper at home... but any drama, stress, or anxiety that you felt during the day needs to be let go at the end of the school day. One thing that has really benefited me as a teacher is writing down every single thing that I am stressed about on a sticky note before I leave. I stick it to my plan book and walk out the door. I know I"ll see it the next day and can deal with anything from a fresh head space. Most of the time, none of what I wrote down was really a big deal at all!

We hope these tips help you begin to enjoy your school days a little more. We love coaching teachers, secretaries, librarians, paraprofessionals, and school leaders so that they can love their job, have fun at work, and feel healthy inside and out.

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